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:::Dark Poetry:::
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Sunday, January 1st, 2017
1:47 pm
The Last Day
Filled with pride,
stand tall the deadly sins
offering them sadistic grins,
with a hint of mischief
despondency blankets the speck of light that remains
with nothing to shine

Current Mood: artistic

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Friday, November 16th, 2012
9:56 pm
Dream Queen
I kiss the glass,
And feel the cold
I tear open my heart
The ill and the weary thing
Beats weakly, with a sorrowful resonance
And inside its ill-fitting cage
Weary water and tinged red milk
Move swiftly, lapping at the shallow shores of conscience
It is there, where you are
Queen of spiders and other killing things
The Witching Hour is your domain
And as frozen, gut wrenching breaths tear from my inner sanctuary,
I struggle to see a perfect forest of trees
In splintered glass and torn up paper
And like the foolish Prince
I ask
Is it to be?
And silence echoes my reply
"Hush now. Hush!
You'll only work up that sleeping beast
And only blood will tame this beast"
So I sit, waiting
And waiting
And waiting
Hoping for a reprieve of my own devising
My mind traps me
Like so many wolves and other horrid things
I dream
Oh lord,
Do I dream
Crying skies and drops of blood
And witches brews and mashed up bugs
And little girls and full grown men
She screams, that evil queen
"You'll only make me cry!"
And to give into her would be the birthing of new light
But I refrain, I hold back
And I allow her a moments silence
To mourn the pretty princess gowns
And little tiaras made of thorns
And pink gloves of cult thoughts
Then I bid goodbye,
Like I have before
And exit through my dreaming's door
And let out the musty air
That choked my lungs and made me gag
Then I'm here again
I'm lonely and defeated and torn limb from limb
I hate, I beg
I feel myself caving in
Back to me, the Ugly Beauty
And when I wake
I will wish to dream,
And though I'm far off now,
I promise
I will return

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Wednesday, September 26th, 2012
3:06 am
first posting "The Smile They See"
i close my eyes against the tears
that well as though a coming rain
and push all thought from my mind
in an effort to stop the pain
but inside i feel the cry resound
as it echos within me
and clamping my jaw tightly shut
so the screams cannot break free
i feel the rip inside my soul
as every denial rages out
so i clench my fingers, nails digging in
refusing still to shout
a burden i bear all my own
a secret none can see
and with a smile that lies i greet the world
while i crumble inside of me

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Tuesday, May 15th, 2012
9:49 pm
Oh, the Night

Oh, the night

The night when sound

Ceased to matter

When the angels cried

And devils screamed

I am haunted by ghosts

Ripping at my skin

And tugging at my clothes

Oh, sweet nectar

Lull me to sleep

Let me dream

Not of ghouls

But of shining princes

And corn-silk braided hair

With glass slippers and

Carriages, drawn by 12 coal black mares

Be still,

My fluttering heart

Banging broken fists against

Marrow and deceit

A cage filled with roses and bloody tulips

Be silent, be still

Quit your useless cries

Allow grey matter to decide

My fate

My own blood

On my own hands

Drips, drips, drips

Silently down

Into shoes filled with rice

And checkered floors,

White and black and pristine

Oh god,

Their bloody now

Drowning in a sea of sticky,


Pain, pain, pain

Hush my sobbing skin

Speak my silent throat

Let this night never end

For if it does

You’ll only go back to

The false bravado

And calla lilies with green petals

And silent movies

With obvious innuendos

That thought disgusts you

Doesn’t it?

It makes me feel sick

That thought

It truly does

Oh, quiet now


Listen to my breath in the eaves

We are lost

Babes in the woods

Helpless and frightened

We run like children

Away, away, away

Ah, silence once more

Thank you clarity

Thank you moon

Good night

Good bye

Good luck

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Monday, April 23rd, 2012
7:06 am
Reward for My Tourture
Cries of longing for your touch,
In dreams and nightmares,
Desire and lust,
I wait in darkness,
For you are my release,
Among pools of blood,
Wounds of my heart,
My companions,
Suffering and pain,
Full of desire,
For consumption,
To kiss you again,
You are my lifeblood,
You are my soul in peace,
Reward for my torture.

© 2011 Annika

Current Mood: melancholic

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Monday, April 9th, 2012
10:12 pm
To the Snake who Deceived Me

You promised perfection

All I got was lies

You said that you loved me

But you were really the whore of Babylon

Just the thought of your gossamer wings

Used to send trembles of excitement

Through my very being,

But now, thinking of the horns the halo hid

I feel sick to my stomach

Like I wasted my precious time

On a worthless whore

You snake

You liar

You horrible being

I would wish you ill

If that would make my heart stop aching

I would watch you burn,

A thousand and one times

And still not feel content

Will you hurt her,

The way you hurt me?

You boasted of your bravery

You cried that you spoke only truth

Yet when the end came

You wrote it from a distance

Instead of breaking me to my face

I never lied to you

I meant everything I said

And I suppose that makes me a fool

They all told me who you really were

But I refused to listen

I made you into an angel

I thought only of you

God, how I wish I had listened

Instead, I was thrown to the wolves

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Friday, March 2nd, 2012
2:02 pm
Oh, Romeo
Lips slick with witches brews
Tongue twisted with falsified promise
Lover of death, 
Hater of truth 
For the one who sings the praises of man,
For the one who tricked love
Impish creature
Beautiful lie
You think you know existence,
When all you really know is 
Pretentious love
Standing below her window
You scream out 
You trick 
You take
Romeo, Romeo
Why are you Romeo?
You are tongue,
You are throat 
You are not real 
For what you feel 
Is naught but lust
Hungry lips, 
Hungry eyes,
Delicious lies
Delicately spun words
With good intentions in hand
You smite the longevity of love
Be making a second long decision,
And mouthing sweet poetry
You lap up spilt tears
Like a dog,
Like a snake
You’re sure that its love
You know it to be true
But your truth is false
Your logic flawed
Your words mean nothing
Without weight to back them up
You flutter, a wingless being 
From flower to lovely flower
You sip nectar 
But never appreciate
The true taste 
Oh, Romeo 
Forever in precarious sin
Let your heart guide you
And take the life from your chest

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Monday, November 1st, 2010
11:42 am
On my knees back at the beginning
Finally realized theres no end
After years of running into your arms
You've proven less than a friend

A carefully crafted escape
A momentary relief
And in the end you've done nothing
but miscalculate my grief

Catapulted into another world
Where the clouds catch my fall
But then you turn on me 
And I'm responsible for it all

You leave me hopeless again
And without you I'm crying
Searching for some strength
To keep me trying
To keep my soul from dying

Im already dead
Can't get you outta my head
Or the nasty things they said

Can't quiet the voices
Can't take back my choices
You leave me lifeless
What a crisis
...I've got no one to call but you

Current Mood: drained

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Tuesday, August 17th, 2010
3:26 pm
What side

What side of the polar are we on today----  The high or the low no one else would know---- Cry on the outside dieing within----  We always look cause we can not win----  Death such a pleasant thought---- All those things never forgot----  Imprisoned inside your very soul----  Loosing your mind out of control----  Never knowing which way to turn always feeling the eternal burn----  Up and down back and forth----  Know it will never really take its course----  Screaming but no one hears----  Most likely don't even care----  Sometimes you feel like a criminal----  Just for the thought you think----  Open the poison and take a drink----  If people could know what we can think----  They would throw the key and wash it down the sink----  PAIN, SORROW, DREAD----  HATE,   LOVE,   DEATH----  Save me, kill me, feel me, even just see me----  They will never understand what they can never feel, so on real----  Why would any one want too----  But for us its nothing new----  USED, ABUSED, and LEFT BEHIND----  FORGOTTEN, HATED, BLAMED----  Will it ever end?  NO----  How have we survived this long----  Why do we still live when we mostly want to die----  LIE-- SIE-- NO REPLY----   We just want the love and understanding we will probably never have----  well maybe its just that slight hope that keeps us alive another day----

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Tuesday, May 25th, 2010
12:44 am
My eyes are tired, don't want to close them.
'Cause if I do, I know I'll break down.
The light in them is starting to grow dim
and yet I'm still so tightly wound.

My body hurts, still I move on.
My heart gets faster with every beat.
I wonder, will I make it to dawn?
No one knows so I retreat.

Running on the inside, I trip and fall;
I feel the pain scourge through.
I miss my sanity most of all
and realize there is nothing left to do.

So when I fall, I don't try to stop;
everything slows in pace.
I just let my body drop
and feel relief spread across my face.

I lie in the dark, cold and alone,
thinking about how I don't care.
The meaning in this is still unknown
and try to decipher, I do not dare.

I shed a tear and close my eyes;
I let myself crumble apart.
I feel a piece inside of me die
and knowing this breaks my heart.

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Wednesday, May 19th, 2010
10:13 pm
The Illusion

Wish I could hate, not love
that which I do not know the meaning of
It calls to me each and everyday
and still I want it to go away

but deep inside I would regret that day.

The meaning evades me, still and sure.
It brings about a pain for which there is no cure.
It also stays hidden from those who try
to answer the question, the reason why.

I say they're wrong, they say I lie.

And so, this part of my life goes on
continuing mercilessly 'til I wish it gone.
Yet no matter how much I wish it away,
I recognize this as the price I must pay

to elude those around me everyday.

Current Mood: sleepy

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Tuesday, May 4th, 2010
8:20 pm
Carved, Scarred
A double-poem about two characters in Supernatural

Right here

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Monday, May 3rd, 2010
9:30 pm
Hello, I come with poem
My newest one, also posted on my lj. I'm totally new to the community so comments are more than loved


My soul can't be stained
And death is ashamed
Because of me
My skin freezes ice
And the blood you shed makes my eyes

Tasting these lips
Can you feel me on your fingertips
Already dead?

You asked
The dewy tears of the grass
But Heaven doesn't have an answer for you
And peace is a lie
You walk away or run
It doesn't make any difference
Not really

Kissing me, with, and, your despair
Can you feel me entangled with your hair
Already dead?

You asked the blue
Ghosting the white of my eyes
But their perfect dryness
The nothingness

Panting into my throat
Can you feel me under your own
Already dead?

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Friday, April 23rd, 2010
3:48 am
The Illusion
Wish I could hate, not love
that which I do not know the meaning of
It calls to me each and everyday
and still I want it to go away

but deep inside I would regret that day.

The meaning evades me, still and sure.
It brings about a pain for which there is no cure.
It also stays hidden from those who try
to answer the question, the reason why.

I say they're wrong, they say I lie.

And so, this part of my life goes on
continuing mercilessly 'til I wish it gone.
Yet no matter how much I wish it away,
I recognize this as the price I must pay

to elude those around me everyday.

Current Mood: sleepy

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Thursday, February 4th, 2010
4:49 am
Two Way Mirror (first poem ever)
Two Way Mirror (11-5-07)
I sit alone in my room,
Quietly on my bed
Watching the hours pass

When night falls,
I still sit;
I have no one.

I move to my window to watch the people pass,
I can hear them laugh;
No one stops.

My window is a two way mirror,
I am always looking out;
No one bothers to look back.

Monday comes
I walk to school
People pass without a glance.

School goes by without a hitch
No interference from the outside world
No contact

Tuesday passes without interruption
Wednesday Thursday Friday
The same

So the weekend comes
And here I sit
Watching everyone pass my two way mirror

Maybe I will find someone someday to sit with me
Until then I watch the hours pass

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Friday, January 15th, 2010
5:29 pm
A poem that I wrote a long time ago. (First post ever)
 I really think that this needs more....something...but I am not sure what to add to it. When I wrote this, I was in a very dark mood and I think that it really reflects that. Please tell me what you think that it needs or any possible directions that it could take.

Her lipstick stains his fair skin
It's poison but he wants more
She uses her sweet poison to lure him in for the kill.
She plans every move two steps in advance until he's in too deep to escape.
He has no clue that she is planning to ambush
and shatter his soul and his dreams.

So uh....yeah. That's it. :) Kinda light-hearted I think.  

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2:16 am
Where Did You Go?

Where did you go?

My one true love

Almost,  it seems

A century ago.


Your smile

And embrace

I still retain

In a memory

No one shall ever



Years exceed

The passing of time

Experiences of many

Yet no one

Could ever

Take the place

Of one

Who was

All mine.


Preobrazhenskii - 2010

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Wednesday, January 13th, 2010
3:58 pm
I feel it press in on me now.
Cowering at its' feet, I bow.
Placing a finger at my jaw,
explaining how I owe it awe.
To its' forceful grasp, I succumb.
It holds me tightly 'til I go numb.
Letting go when I can't feel anymore;
hurting me worse than ever before.
I can't remember my life before it,
before I fell in its' emotionless pit,
before it lured me to the edge.
Now to it, everything I pledge.
Even when it leaves, it still watches.
It has me locked in with bolts and latches.
It tells me this is where I belong.
Within its' hold I will never be strong.
It owns everything, heart, mind, soul.
I idly watch as I play a role.
And when I do try to break free,
it clutches me tighter 'til I can't see.
My body falls limp, motionless in its' hands.
Lesson learned, give in to its' demands.
When I wake, I am all by myself
dressed in pretty clothes, displayed on its' shelf.
I rip and tear the clothes away,
"This is not me, not today!"
It's angry and crushes me tighter somehow;
I pass into oblivion, it's over now.

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Wednesday, January 6th, 2010
9:15 pm
Letting Go

lettinggo.jpg letting go...a poem picture by swass73

Current Mood: contemplative

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Saturday, September 12th, 2009
11:54 pm

(I hope this isn't TOO dark or morbid. I know how some people feel about this paticular subject.)

Collapse )

Current Mood: tired. can't sleep.

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